Success Stories

John Gillette

John Gillette experienced a large trauma to his abdomen, which required multiple surgeries, drains, wound care, and medical interventions. At one point, John was intubated and placed on the ventilator, a machine to help him breathe…

Mariah Buckman

Mariah Buckman’s car accident changed her life. While driving one day, Mariah overcorrected and was ejected from her vehicle. A healthy 29-year-old at the time of the accident, Mariah suffered serious injuries. These included a splenic laceration, fractures of her wrist, face, and spine, and a degloving injury to her left leg. “It was just […]

Michael Kuckkahn

Michael Kuckkahn lives with a condition known as Cowden syndrome. The condition causes a person to develop non-cancerous growths throughout the body. These most often occur in the mouth and intestines. As a result of the ulcers in his mouth, Michael struggled to eat or drink anything. He had undergone multiple abdominal surgeries and lived […]

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