Advanced Care Hospital of Montana celebrates Hospital Week

This week at Advanced Care Hospital of Montana, we’re celebrating Hospital Week and the great staff and patients that we interact with every day.

Advanced Care Hospital provides long-term acute and critical care to patients recovering from serious illnesses or injuries in Montana, Wyoming, and western South Dakota. We accepted our first patient in 2008, and now treat more than 400 patients every year (or more than 2,500 patients since opening).

Our patients often require additional critical care services for medically complex conditions such as trauma, infectious diseases, wound healing, cardiovascular disease, stroke, amputations and respiratory failure.

With that being said, many people still don’t have a good understanding of a how a long-term acute care hospital compares to a short-term acute care hospital. So, here is a brief explanation:

A short-term acute care hospital is where a patient goes when he or she is first ill or injured. These types of facilities accept emergencies, deliver babies, perform surgeries, and have a wide variety of diagnostic capabilities like MRI or CT scans. Patients typically stay about 3-5 days in these types of facilities.

Patients with medically complex conditions may be referred to a long-term acute care hospital like Advanced Care Hospital of Montana – which also is a certified acute care hospital – for continued care beyond their original hospital stay at the short-term acute care hospital. These patients are in the treatment mode of their illness, but they are still too sick to go home or receive a lower level of care. These patients require a physician to see them on a daily basis and 24/7 nursing care.

At Advanced Care Hospital of Montana our medical team is led by a full-time medical director and includes specially trained physicians, nurses, therapists, specialists, pharmacists, dieticians and other medical professionals. Members of our staff have voluntarily earned – and continue to maintain – advanced certifications so they can deliver exceptional care to our patients.

For their commitment and dedication, today and every day, we celebrate our staff!